Riverbank Primary School

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Our Visions & Values

In Riverbank Primary School we will provide a welcoming and friendly environment, which celebrates the diversity of our community.

We are a nurturing school where everyone feels safe, happy and valued and all children are supported to reach their full potential.  This is achieved through working together with children, their families and the community, based on a shared sense of direction.

We consulted with our school community to ensure our vision and values reflect the needs of everyone. As a result,  we now have a new set of values that represents our school.


  • Ready - being ready for our learning every day
  • Equality - showing respect and inclusivity for ourselves and all members of our school community for who they are and where they are from
  • Kindness - Showing kindness to others and expecting the same in return
  • Creativity - We offer learning oportunitis that are creative and use our outdoor spaces
  • Love - Putting into practice our belief that we are one big family with the aim of loving and supporting each other at every opportunity.

We have posters on display throughout our school, referring to them regularly in all parts of our school life.